so i guess you just abandoned someone to ROBOT FATE\nwhen you had a whole two seconds left you could have saved him in\nwhat a [[dick]]
18 seconds until COMPRESSED BY ROBOT\nyou are helping\n[[oh yes]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
a murky flow\ndischarge\n[[drip]], [[drip|drop]]\ni don't know what it is
3 seconds remaining\nSELF DESTRUCT IN TWO SECONDS\noh [[dear]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
4 seconds remaining\nSELF DESTRUCT IN THREE [[SECONDS|seconds3]]\nyou've got to get [[out|exit]] of here\n\n\n[[dead]]
BADGER is ineffective.\n1 second left\nchoose another thing:\n[[turpentine|turpentine2]], [[pole|pole2]], [[custard|custard2]], [[vegetable|vegetable2]]
15\ni'm very serious\nif you don't help out things could go terribly wrong\n[[help|help2]]\n[[out]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
16 seconds\nyou're not helping\n[[help|25]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you're following the beetle?\nwhere does it lead?\nyou can hear sounds up ahead!\nmaybe [[happy sounds!|despair2]]
dick\n\nokay so the robot thinks you're a dick too\nand she's totally programmed to shoot dicks on sight\nwith this horrible burning laser ray that will instantly kill you\nhaha\nso\nactually it turns out she's a nice friendly robot\nand the guy under her? that was her boyfriend\nyeah\nawkward\n\nbut still, because you thought he was in actual danger and decided to just wander off, the dick-shot programming still kicks in.\n\nZAPPPPP!\n
you chose the half that wasn't holding the sword!\nso there is nothing you can do\nthe robot eats you for dinner\nyum yum!\n\nthe end\n0 seconds remain
10 seconds\nyou push and shove underneath the robot and somehow manage to free the man\nsuccess!\nbut now you have taken his [[place]] there will be no escape\n\n\n[[dead]]
1 second\nit is a [[pity]] you could not help\n\n\n[[dead]]
10 seconds\ntrolls\nbite, [[bite]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
yeah yeah she's lovely\nbut\nshe's armed with spinning death lasers\njump!\n[[left]] or [[right]]
Walking Story
you're swimming in a circle\n[[left arm]]\n[[right arm]]
9 seconds remaining\n[[brute]] force will not work against this opponent!\nrobots require [[cunning]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
okay maybe not sinking\nit's more about the [[robot]]
7 seconds\ndo you push the button?\n[[yess]]\n[[nooo]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
"hello whirling spiked horror"\nit doesn't respond\njust whirls and whirls\nvery rude\n[[walk on]]
you are now in the dome of the presentation beacon\n\nit's very nice here\nbut the man you were trying to save will be dead in 12 seconds\nand that's like an hour's walk away now\nno way you can get there in time\n\nbut hey, you survived. this is a lower echelon victory.
you are now cut in half\nbut you may still win!\npick a half: [[left|lh]] or [[right|rh]]\n1 second\n\n\n[[dead]]
robot's grabbing you 13 seconds left\n[[wriggle]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you walk out of the cave\nvery sunny, it is a lovely day!\nyou can go and find the [[robot|robot hunt]]\nor just sit out here and [[enjoy]]
but you don't have any\n8 seconds\ni don't think you should have eaten that\n[[poison]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
drip [[drop|down into the cave]]
so i guess you just abandoned someone to ROBOT FATE\nwhen you had a whole thirteen seconds left you could have saved him in\nwhat a [[dick]]
14 seconds left and you're just minding your own business\ntrying to pull the dude out from under the robot\nsuddenly robot's grabbed you you're in [[trouble]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
TURPENTINE is effective! robot is defeated in the nick of time.\nyou most certainly win.
VEGETABLE interacts with CUSTARD in strange and unpredictable ways.\na [[time vortex|scum]] opens\nyou travel [[16||26]] seconds back in [[time|seconds]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
17 [[seconds]] until SQUISH SQUASH ROBOT\nthat doesn't help\n[[make it 16|26]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
good choice!\n\nyou are happy\n\nthe end
you jumped in the correct direction for not being incinerated by the laser! very good.\n\nbut the robot shoots again, and you only have one direction [[left]]...
swimming is super great\nyou're getting there\n[[left leg|circle]]\n[[right leg|swimming2]]
you can see through walls now\nthat's pretty neat\nbut there's 12 seconds left\nand you can see [[trolls|trolls3]] approaching!\n\n\n[[dead]]
2 seconds\nthe bucket [[hits]] the robot\nor maybe it [[misses]]\nchoose wisely!\n\n\n[[dead]]
3 seconds before the man gets squashed by the robot\nthat's what's happening\nyou attack with [[bucket|bucket3]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
okay you're a corpse i guess.\nbut props for being honest! totally appreciate it.
it's a bucket!\nhaven't you always wanted a bucket?\nvery nice bucket\nit's bright [[red]]!\nyou could fill it with [[water]]
9 seconds\nthe [[brute]] hovers over you\na clear view of its weak [[spot]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
10 seconds remaining\nyou're very close to the robot now\nyou can see its soft fleshy [[underbelly]]\n\n\n[[dead]]\n
2 seconds until flat man\na surprising thing will happen\nit involves a [[toaster]] and two [[yetis]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you're getting closer to whatever it is\n[[right leg|swimming3]]\n[[left arm|swimming3]]\n[[right arm]]\n[[left leg|swimming3]]\n
a sea monster!\n[[no..|despair2]]
the background music changes\nbut you are still fighting robot!\n12 seconds left\nit tries to grab you\nit [[hurts]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
5 seconds until robo-pulverisation\nSELF DESTRUCT IN FOUR [[SECONDS|seconds2]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you pull through the water with your left arm\n\n[[left arm|circle]]\n[[right arm|swimming]]
6 seconds remaining\nyou don't push the button\ni guess it's back to [[fighting]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you are walking walking walking\nbecause remember - this is a walking story!\nwhat will you see [[next|despair2]]?
you feel nauseous\n[[stumbling]]\n7 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
weakness\nblackness\n5...\nno options left\n\n\n[[dead]]
you're trying to get away from the robot's [[grasp]]\n12 seconds left\nkind of [[hurts]]\n\n\n[[dead]]\n
the bucket misses [[the]] robot!\n[[happy]] robot!\n1 second left\n\n\n[[dead]]
yeah so\nthese are things that humans do to other humans\nwhat's all that about?\nseriously, what\n[[man i don't know|weird]]
run away run away\nyou can [[leave|leave2]] the room\nbut the man is still trapped [[there|dear]]\n3 seconds remaining\nSELF DESTRUCT IN TWO SECONDS\n\n\n[[dead]]
you chose the half with the sword!\nso you chop the robot right back\nha-haa!\n\nvery good\nyou are still quite dead because you are in half\nbut you have rescued the person for rescuing\n\nthis is a medium victory.
RED!\nsuper great fun times\noh yes\nyou got the red bucket!\n[[win]]
BADGER is effective, but only because you used CUSTARD\nwell done\ncombo attack achieved!\nthe robot loses\nyou win\nultimate victory
18 seconds until FLAT MAN FROM METAL PRESSURE\nand you're on the robots side\n[[or are you?]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
"colonies of single-celled extremophilic bacteria which hang from the walls and ceilings of caves and are similar to small stalactites, but have the consistency of snot"\n\nlovely [[slime]] things\n\nand oh yeah they produce sulphuric [[acid]]
what's that noise?\n\nit's a young girl busking with her trumpet\n\nTOOT TOOT TRUMPET\n\nthis is nice\n\nyou put some coins in her hat\n\nbut there is still the robot to [[find|despair2]]!
seconds\n16 of them\ntime is passing\nthe man is [[struggling]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
barbaric human\na delicate construction of silicon and metal\nsubjected to the touch of a [[brute]] like you\n9 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
vast puddles of water\nor maybe an ocean!\nthere's something in the distance\nswim over and see\nswim with your arms\n[[left arm]]\n[[right arm]]
okay you pull away from the [[robot|robotx]]\nthat's totally sweet\nbut this guy's still underneath it\n11 seconds..\n\n\n[[dead]]
fighting robot trolls\narmed with only a [[bucket|bucket2]] and [[sandwiches]]\n4 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
well now you're in a mighty fine battle\ntrolls and robots [[everywhere]]\n5 seconds until squash happens\n\n\n[[dead]]
11 seconds until ultimate destruction\nyou're pulled pretty [[close]] to the robot\nwhat [[should]] you do?\n\n\n[[dead]]
you [[chop]] up all the trolls\nyou are winning the fight!\nwhat will [[happen]] now?\n3 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
you have failed\nall because of a sandwich\nthe robot squashes you and everyone\n\nBAD ENDING
the bucket hits [[the]] robot!\n[[angry]] robot!\n1 second left\n\n\n[[dead]]
the robot swings its own sword\nit is a sword robot!\nit chops you in [[half]]\n2 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
a place for rejected, dejected things\nyou belong here\nthe end
POLE is ineffective.\nyou have no time left.\nyou lose.\nthis is a pretty okay lose.
down, down\ndarkness\ndeceit\ndungeon\n[[despair]]
Michael Brough
now you're looking around!\nwhat will you find?\nperhaps a [[bucket]]\nor maybe a [[beetle]]
6 seconds remaining\nyou press the button\na voice:\nSELF DESTRUCT IN FIVE [[SECONDS]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
robot rage!\nyou are out of time!\nthe death..
you spread peanut butter onto the toast\na very good choice!\nthe robot is defeated\nyou win the entire game and have rescued the victim from problem
cool i guess you're making progress\nmaybe use your legs too though\ndon't wanna fall behind\n[[left leg]]\n[[right leg]]
xylyl bromide\nhighly toxic\nabsorbed through skin\nsevere burns to eyes\n[[corrosive]]
oh you're in so much trouble now\nrobot's grabbing you too (14)\n[[trouble]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
so this is basically the win condition\nred bucket oh yes!\n[[but what's this...?|win2]]
cool super cool you're kicking! better keep it up\n[[left leg|swimming2]]\n[[right leg|circle]]
you're walking\nwalking\nthis is the story of a walking\n[[along the edge of the cliff]]\nor\n[[down into the cave]]
POLE is ineffective.\n1 second left.\nchoose another thing:\n[[badger|badger2]], [[turpentine|turpentine2]], [[custard|custard2]], [[vegetable|vegetable2]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
"hello carnivorous bats"\n"it is time for dinner, would you like to join us?"\n\nit turns out that you are made out of flesh\nwhich is what the bats eat.\n\nthey have a very nice dinner\nyou don't get any of it\nin fact you are much diminished by the meal\n\nthe end
what's that smell?\n\nit's a wagon full of roses\n\nthey're very pretty\n\nROSE ROSE ROSE\n\nyou admire them for a bit\n\nthey are in all the colours\n\nbut there is still the robot to [[find|despair2]]!
CUSTARD is partially effective.\nROBOT is now vulnerable.\nchoose wisely:\n[[badger|badger3]], [[turpentine|turpentine2]], [[pole|pole2]], [[vegetable|vegetable3]]
11 seconds\ntrolls!\npretty [[unpleasant]]\nyou kind of preferred the [[robot|robotx]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
13 seconds\nand there are trolls\nit's a [[problem]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
mm okay enter a cheat code\nbut do it quick there's just 13 seconds left and you could still die\n\n[[ABBA]]\n[[DOME]]\n[[KV47]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you're ready to fight!\n[[vorpal]] sword in hand!\nthe troll gives you an [[unpleasant]] glare\n11 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
you bite your opponent\n9 seconds left\nnot very tasty\nyou'd prefer [[tortillas]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
brute\na risky event happens!\none of the alternatives leads to certain death\nchoose wisely\n[[alternative|alternative1]]\n[[alternative|alternative2]]\n8 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
the robot is crushing box man\nyou have twenty seconds to rescue him\n[[start now!|rescue0]]\n(RULE: YOU HAVE ONLY ONE SECOND TO CHOOSE THE NEXT CHOICE AND CLICK IT OR YOU ARE DEAD. IF YOU ARE DEAD CLICK "dead".)
SURVIVE\nyou can't give up [[hope]]\nyou'll go down [[fighting]]\n6 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
cheerful robot\nscorches you with terrible fire\noh no\ndeath happens\nthe end
mustard gas\nsulphide\nforms blisters on exposed skin\nand in the lungs\npermanently fucks up your dna\n[[cancer]]
"hello sharp-clawed demon"\nyou have a bit of a chat\nand a cup of tea\nhe warns you about the robot\ngoodbye! have a nice [[day]]
chlorine\nreacts with water in your lungs to form hydrochloric [[acid]]\n[[breathe]]
INTERMISSION\nlong time the manxome foe seeks you\n[[FIVE]] SECONDS PASS\n\n(take as long as you like, it will only be five seconds)
you are looking for the robot\n\n[[what's that noise?]]\n[[what's that smell?]]
hewing into trolls and robots swinging your mighty blade\nthis is a [[heroic]] tale!\nonly 4 seconds left though\n\n\n[[dead]]
TURPENTINE is effective! robot is defeated with 1 second to spare.\nyou most certainly win.
14 seconds! hurry hurry!\ndo remember to click [[dead]] if you took longer\nno [[cheating]]\nit's dangerous because now there are [[trolls|trolls2]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
nice try\nbut due to an unforeseen circumstance, a bucket falls on your head and it is filled with rocks and therefore heavy\n\nit kills you\now!
vision [[blurs]]\nhow many seconds?\n\n\n[[dead]]
VEGETABLE is ineffective.\nyou have no time left.\nthe robot wins.\nyou lose.\nthe end.
it's a beetle!\nit's crawling into a hole\nyou can [[follow it]] if you want!\nor if [[you don't!|follow it]]
CUSTARD is partially effective.\nbut you have no time to pursue it further.\nyou have lost.\nwell done.\nthe end.
a beacon of hope\n5 seconds remaining\n[[horrific]]\n[[despicable]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
16 seconds remaining\nthe poor [[robot|25]] is [[struggling]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
12 seconds\nthe [[trolls|trolls3]] are almost here\ncan you [[prepare]] to fight them?\n\n\n[[dead]]
BADGER is ineffective!\nyou have no time left.\n\nyou have lost.\nthis is the worst lose you can get.
what will you do?\nyou have [[sandwiches]] and [[things]]\nthat's lots of options\nbut only 4 seconds to use them in\n\n\n[[dead]]
17 seconds\nmaybe you're a robot yourself\n[[traitor|26]]\n[[scum]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
4 seconds\nthere is a [[bucket|bucket2]]\nand maybe [[things]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
he coughs of the mask\nterminal\nhatred\ndespair\nchoking\n[[gas]]
very elegant robot\n[[pretty]]\ni like the robot!\nbut you can still [[fight]] it if you want
you spread the toasted bread with honey\nthis is a bad choice\nyou lose
2 seconds remaining\nSELF DESTRUCT IN ONE [[SECOND]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you pull through the water with your right arm\n\n[[left arm|swimming]]\n[[right arm|circle]]
soldiers\ncops\nmasked on their face\ni hate with the [[mask]]\ntake [[cover]]
yeah no, that's actually pretty good\nbucket\nbucket!
3 seconds\nyou have many different [[things|things2]]\nwhich one will you use?\n\n\n[[dead]]
slime\ndripping down the walls\n(there are walls now)\n(you're in a [[place]])\ngooey glutinous dribbles of [[slime]]\n[[snottites]]
out from the toaster pops a slice of bread!\nit is very tasty kind of bread\nmaybe spread it with [[peanut butter]] or [[honey]]\n1 second left\n\n\n[[dead]]
unfortunately you will not find out what the yetis had to do with anything\nbecause as soon as they enter the scene they devour you with their yeti-mouths\nit is quite painful.\n\nyou had 1 second left\nbut now you are eaten and also dead
3 seconds\nyou eat a sandwich\ni don't see how this will [[help|helpv]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
VEGETABLE is ineffective.\n1 second left.\nchoose another thing:\n[[badger|badger2]], [[turpentine|turpentine2]], [[pole|pole2]], [[custard|custard2]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
15\nwhat's going on\ndanger [[danger]]\nit might be [[trolls]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
14 yeah i guess you could just [[leave]]\nwander away\n[[leave]] that poor fellow to his terrible fate\nwho could blame you?\n\n\n[[dead]]
19 seconds to rescue from ROBOT TRAMPLE\n[[help]]/[[hinder]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
you're fighting the robot, 10 seconds left\nwhat are you going to do?\n[[punch]]\n[[kick]]\n[[bite]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
8 seconds remaining\na red button, exposed beneath a rusting panel\nclearly the robot's [[weakness]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
UNCERTAIN DEATH\nyou may yet [[survive]]\n7 seconds\n\n\n[[dead]]
2 seconds\nthere are so many things!\npick one:\n[[badger]], [[turpentine]], [[pole]], [[custard]], [[vegetable]]\n\n\n[[dead]]
bitter, bitter cursing\nthere is a [[robot|robot2]] here\n
a man in a box\nheld down by [[robot]] arms\n[[sinking]]
so this cave is a bit of a downer\nall murky\nsome caves are totally sweet but this one\nman\ndon't really like it\nnot sure what it is about it really\njust doesn't have a good vibe to it\n\n[[to the sharp-clawed demon|demon]]\n[[to the whirling spiked horror|horror]]\n[[to the carnivorous bats|bats]]
ok so you hide behind some bushes or whatever\nthe men walk past\nemanating hatred\nyou can feel it [[oozing]] from them\n"squelch, squelch" goes the [[hatred]]
enough about [[slime|oozing]], seriously\nit's totally gross\ndrip, drip\ngoes the water\npure refreshing [[water]]\ndrip, drip
you are fighting the robot\nor maybe trolls\nit doesn't matter at this [[point]]\nbecause you have only 5 seconds until\n\n\n[[dead]]
"the"\ndefinite article\nrobot is defeated!\nsuccess\nyou win!
you should have jumped right! the laser burns through your organs and that means you are dead now.