Here is an incomplete list of games that I've made. Some links might not work. I'm in the process of going through all of these to make sure they're currently available and updating them to be functional on all platforms. Sorry for any inconvenience.
cyberspace roguelike

available on steam
available on ios

igf finalist 2014

expansion: PLAN.B
Cinco Paus
labirinto de morte aleatória

disponível em
disponível em ios

P1 Select

available on ios
available on


available on ios

igf finalist 2017
igf mention 2016

expansion: Ossuary expansion: Phlogiston expansion: Mizzenmast
mysterious intricacies

available on ios
available on #1
igf finalist 2014

vortex mode

available on ios

igf mention 2013 & 2015
Vertex Dispenser
maths rts

available on steam

The following games were released but have been removed from their platforms due to my inability to keep up maintenance.
I plan to rectify this soon-ish.
2p touchsport

unavailable on ios
(ipad only)
roguelike slimespace

unavailable on ios
free on windows & mac
Glitch Tank
2p fighter

unavailable on ios
unavailable on android

The following games have been exhibited at events but have not yet been publicly released for various reasons.
4p futuresport

2p bluffing

The following games are what you might call "deep cuts". They were mostly made in a jam format. Some of the download links for these are missing, and at some point I will fix those.
Game Title
Game Title: Lost Levels
(play both in order)

for pirate kart v
abstract unfinished album
Smestorpod Infestation
for shmup-dev options
ludic elegy
Chango: Chaos Penguin
2p retro mashup
for retro remakes
Death Lights Dancing
for commonplace book
for 7 day roguelike
nethack mod
for retroremakes cassette50
Candy Quest 3
for candy jam
Walking Story
for big trashy twine jam
Multicolour Alien Olympic
for pirate kart v
Grand Vampire Chase
duel with jonathan whiting
for pirate kart v
i heard you like videogames
for pirate kart v
Reverse Passage
for pirate kart v
for pirate kart v
Ytilauq Rebmun
for pirate kart v
Number Quality
for tigjamuk6
Cube Gallery
for tigjamuk6
Feline Feeling
for bigjam - 3 hours
Resistance Revolution
for bigjam - 5 hours
Mysterious Sniper
for bigjam - 2 hours